My Starbucks Idea
Help shape the future of Starbucks - with your ideas. You know better than anyone else what you want from Starbucks. So tell us. What's your Starbucks Idea? Revolutionary or simple-we want to hear it. Share your ideas, tell us what you think of other people's ideas and join the discussion. We're here, and we're ready to make ideas happen. Let's get started.

Asus WePC
Imagine your perfect PC. Now imagine top engineers and innovators working around the clock to make that Dream PC a reality. That's the dream is all about.
ASUS and Intel have created, a place where users like you come together to share ideas, images and inspiration about your ideal PC. But what if it's not just talk. Your designs, feature ideas and community feedback will be evaluated by ASUS and could influence the blueprint for an actual notebook PC built by ASUS with Intel inside.

11 Feb 2009
Spreadable Media by Henry Jenkins
Use of the terms "viral" and "memes" by those in the marketing, advertising and media industries may be creating more confusion than clarity. Both these terms rely on a biological metaphor to explain the way media content moves through cultures, a metaphor that confuses the actual power relations between producers, properties, brands, and consumers. Definitions of 'viral' media suffer from being both too limiting and too all-encompassing.

19 Aug 2009
Pentagon Tweets, Blogs, Posts, and 'Friends'
by Al Pessin, Washington
external image pentagon_web_19aug09.jpg
Quoting from the public affairs head Price Floyd of the Department of Defense: "It's not the same message in a different bottle. The kind of communication, the back-and-forth, the engagement, the dialogue that happens is substantially different. Not only do we get to hear back from people whom our policies may affect, but that engagement may, in essence, change our policies,"

The reality sets in...
"Surprisingly, when the admiral posted his comments to his more than
2,000 Facebook fans, he received only one comment, and that was
greetings from an old friend."

A lot of organizations get in the news for using social networks, but
it has largely been an act of tokenism and novelty.
Whenever you need a plumber, roofer, electrician, auto mechanic, landscaper or any other type of service company, contact Angie's List by phone, fax, website or by visiting one of our chapters. You will receive the names and numbers of companies with which other members have had good experiences. They will also tell you what type of work they have done for other members and what they thought of their prices, whether they were punctual, polite, finished the work on time, etc. Once the work is finished, contact Angie's List and share your feedback about your service experience. Your input will become part of that company's rating on Angie's List. Of course, you do have to be a member of Angie's List to participate. Homeowners pay a membership fee to join Angie's List

Crowdsourcing: Who’s doing it?
Sarah Blue on August 13, 2009

Crowds For Hire – niche crowds ready to contribute

General Idea Generation & Solving
AddictLab - creative think tank
Brain Reactions - post questions and get ideas/feedback on them
Fellowforce - innovation challenge board covering many disciplines
iBridge Network - platform for university innovation
IdeaConnection - idea marketplace and problem solving
Idea Crossing - organize innovation quests
IdeaMagnet - powering idea generation
Ideawicket - open innovation portal
Innovation Exchange - open innovation market place
WhyNot - idea exchange

Science & Research
Innocentive - crowdsourcing scientific solutions to corporate problems
Science Commons - generic license agreements
TekScout - crowdsourcing R&D solutions
YourEncore - crowd of retired veteran scientists and engineers

Freelance work
elance - freelance marketplace
Guru - freelance community
Ki Work - sourcing online work
odesk - global marketplace for remote work

Amazon Mechanical Turk - micro-task crowdsourcing
HumanGrid - small online tasks solving

Ninesigma - technology problem solving
TopCoder - programming competitions – crowdsourcing technology solutions to problems

Product Design
CrowdSpirit - crowdsourcing the design of innovative products

Creative/Graphic Design
99 Designs – design crowdsource contests
CrowdSpring – network of graphic designers
Genius Rocket – crowdsourcing creative community
Inkd - market for print design

Entrepreneurs & Inventors
IdeaBlob - monthly contest for entrepreneurial ideas
Incuby - online community for inventors

Consumer Ideas & Feedback
CrowdSound – ideas from customers/users
Idea Bounty - a social think tank

Health & Medical
Eureke medical - medical open innovation platform

Enterprise Crowdsourcing/Open Innovation Sites
Betavine - Vodafone’s mobile app community
BMW Customer Innovation Lab - in german
BT - British Telecom’s Innovation Initiative
Dell IdeaStorm - external idea sourcing
Fluevog - open shoe design
GameChanger - Shell’s coporate crowdsourcing
IBM InnovationJam - internally focused idea generation project
IBM ThinkPlace - idea generation and collaboration
Intel Cool Software - Intel’s sensing platform
Jones Soda - crowdsources flavours and pictures for their labels
Kraft - innovate with Kraft
LEGO Factory - LEGO co-creation tool
My Starbucks Idea - shaping the future of Starbucks
Nesta - UK National Endowment of Science, Technology and the Arts
P&G Open Innovation Challenge - external idea sourcing in Britain
Unilever - Ideas4Unilever - corporate venturing
Vocalpoint - Pgamp;G’s network for women

Crowdsourcing Contests
City of Austin - feedback on City of Austin’s website
Electrolux Design Lab - annual design competition for students
The Guardian - Crowdsourcing analysis of MPs expenses
Muji - improving and suggesting new designs
National Geographic - crowdsourced Earth-saving ideas
Nespresso - design contest for coffee machines
Peugeot - Peugeot’s design contest
Picnic Green Challenge - ideas to save the planet
Smith Chips - crowdsourced flavour selection
Staples Invention Quest - idea contest
Xprize - incentivized crowdsourcing competition

Crowdsourcing-at-their-core Companies

Consumer/Customer Input
Get Satisfaction - crowdsourced customer service
You Suggest - ideas from customers

Clothing, Gifts & Other Products
Cafepress - shop, create or sell what’s on your mind
JuJups - personalized gifts
Naked&Angry - Threadless for ties and wallcoverings
Polyvore - crowdsourced fashion
Spreadshirt - shirt community
Threadless - create and sell your tshirts

Artistshare – fans funding new artists
A Swarm of Angels - crowdfunding a film
Kickstarter - fund ideas and endeavours
Kiva – crowdfunded micro-loans to 3rd world entrepreneurs
My Bandstock - fan funded investment in bands
Sellaband – crowdfunded bands

Better than the Van – crowdsourced community connecting bands to places to stay
Crowd Flower – crowdsourcing for human-required tasks
Elastic Lab - film production
Groupon - crowdsourced group discounts
Help me Investigate - a place to collaborate with others to investigate things
Inkling Markets - use wisdom of the crowd for forecasting
iStockPhoto - user-generated photos
Healogica – crowdsourcing clinical trials
Help me Investigate - a place to collaborate with others to investigate things
Hollr - crowdsourcing cool stuff finding
Quirky - production of crowdsourced ideas
Stumble Upon - crowdsourced website discovery engine
uTest - user experience testing
Wikipedia - peer produced encyclopedia