First part of this EpicFu episode is awesome, shows you how to use free tools to power your web show!

Show Links: Filmmaking at Wikiversity, Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV, Grace Piper's Fearless Cooking, Bre Pettis, Mike Ambs's and Amanda Walker's 64 Days, Felicia Day's The Guild, Random name generators galore, Plotbot for scripts, Zhura for scripts, Lowel lights, Sony A1U camera, Canon HF10 camera, Sennheiser mics, Boom mic photo by VideoVillain on Flickr, Johnny Chung Lee's $14 steadycam (our blog post about it), IndyMogul, Apple's iMovie, Microsoft's Movie Maker, LiVES for Linux, Blender for post-production effects, Freesound for sound effects, CCMixter for music, Tubemogul for distribution, Show In a Box for websites, Photo by Jen Simmons on Flickr

Video Search Engines
Powerful video search engine

Video Remixers
Brook says:
"Some entry-level video mixing software: Like most of this software, though, precise editing (to points within clips)
and region definition in real time is difficult to impossible due to poor cueing tools. On the mac side and on the higher end, Modul8 ( and vdmx ( pretty much own the field, unless you are into building your own, in which case look at Isadora ( and Max/Msp/Jitter ( There is also an open source system but I'm blanking on the name right now."

Steve Garfield says:
Check out Collective Permanent Record, They put together a video remix of the innauguration and give you access to an online video
remixer and an hours worth of clips so you can remix yourself.

Steve Elbows says:
I like VDMX. There is also quartz composer on the mac, free apple developer tool, though a bit complex for many. On Windows there are plenty, Resolume Avenue 3 is quite interesting:

I add:
In line with political video remixing, the most "mainstream" engine I've seen so far is