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@ Teaching & Learning Center, University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Video Search Engines
WSJ: A Search Engine With a Real Eye for Videos []

Is YouTube the Next Google?

Date Friday, 19th June 2007

12:45pm: Sign-in & mingle
01:00pm: Talk officially begins
02:45pm: Questions & Answers

  1. To introduce the culture of online video sharing, from phenomena to memes
  2. To showcase the technological variations to video sharing services
  3. To suggest the probable future of online video, as flexible as hypertext

The talk will be presented as my personal story in video progressively through the Internet revolution.
This is a newer version of the talk I presented in Singapore (see video blog).

Story Sequence
01. Welcome
external image 1813020998_135883faf1_m.jpg

02. Video uploads by Country (24th March 2007)
external image 567543192_71732f41a2_m_d.jpg
03. Video uploads by Country (19th June 2007)
external image 567543186_b21ac8354a_m_d.jpg

04. Video uploads by Country (1st Nov 2007)
external image 1813021076_714a10809c_m.jpg

Back in the day, before there was Youtube...
My early work: Judy Staring at the Sun (1996)

04. DVguru: Ten video sharing services compared

05. Lifehacker: online Video Sharing Service Roundup

06. Video Publishing Online: Where To Share Your Video Clips On The Web

China also has a ton of video sharing services now... (guess how many)
07. China Web 2.0 Review

08. Danwei

Where it all started...
09. Youtube

10. Kevin's Youtube Profile

11. 15mins with the Macbook Pro (more than half million views)

12. 15mins with the Macbook Pro (blog took a major beating)

You Choose '08: Participatory Politics

What about something with better resolution?
13. Revver (It's pretty fly!)

14. Kevin's Revver Videos (woah, makes money!?!)

15. Kevin's Buffalo Snowstorm Coverage

What's Citizen Journalism?
16. Citizen Journalism vs. Professional Journalism

17. How-to: Citizen Journalism Boot Camp (Hilarious COM125 video)

People want short short videos, but...
18. Wired's Snack Culture

Long videos have value too!
19. Google Video (for really long video uploads!)

20. Google Video example: COM125 Blog Awards (actual presentation shows management, can't link here)

21. Veoh: High resolution, Wide distribution (independent + commercial works)

22. Veoh video management backend (requires login)

Cultural Niche
23. Defining "Ghetto"

26. Vimeo (for family and friends)

Lipdubbing: Video + Singing + Punking
27. Vimeo: Lipdubbing - Crazy

Vimeo: Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger


That thing about Copyright
29. Wikipedia: Copyright Situations by Country

Gift Economy
30. The Revitalization of the Gift Economy
external image 567543180_688e6827f1_m_d.jpg

31. Visualizing Copyright Blog Assignment

Creative Commons
32. Learning about Creative Commons

33. CC: A Spectrum of Rights

34. CCmixter: shared music and samples

35. Flickr's CC Search Engine

Now for a bit of technical stuff (e.g. editing in Quicktime player)
36. Encoding for Youtube

37. Super Video Converter (WIndows)

38. VisualHub (Mac)

Advances in online video production
39. Jumpcut (I'd show the online editing features)

There's also Eyespot, but cut for brevity.

40. Youtube Remixer (Powered by Adobe Premier Express)

41. Youtube for Japanese

42. Youtube for mobile devices

43. Youtube for Apple TV (uses h.264, not Flash)

Is this all video can be as a rich medium?
44. theorycast.16 :: Adrian Miles on the Missing Link in Videoblogs

Image data in Video
45. Video thumbnails: My attempt at preempting viewers (see videoblogging week graphic)

Blinkx: "Matrix" video wall

Blinkx: Technology

Motionbox: Scan through video thumbnails

Text data in Video
46. MetaVid: Full-text search using Closed Caption

Youtube: Grant Laird - closed captions test

Google Video: Closed Captioned

47. EveryZing: "Speech to Text" audio / video search demo

Project Readon: User Requested Captioning (URC)

Location (GPS) data in Video
OgleEarth: A Blog about Virtual Globes

VeoGeo: Sonul Park - Bike Trip

Tagging within Video
51. Viddler: theorycast.25 :: Modcentric and our donuts adventure

But I'm not satisfied with video... I need something fuller!
52. Strange Days (capturing full experience, not merely visual, audio stimuli)

Lifecasting anyone?


55. Operator11 (thanks Ben Koe)

The Future: Sousveillance + Memory Prosthetic
56. Alex Halavais on Panveillance

57. How to never forget: The story behind Kevin’s wearable cameras

58. The New Yorker: Remember This?

Extra tidbits for everyone
Google's Facial Recognition

Videos without videos ($69.95) (free!)

How to watch videos without a computer

Video Downloaders

Video Bookmarkers