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Elia Diodati
is a second-year graduate student in chemical physics studying at the University of Illinois. Discounting time spent actually trying to get an education in the scientific arcana of the universe, E. D. maintains a blog called e pur si muove and sometimes finds time to write about home, campus life, and anything online that might catch E. D.'s fancy. E. D. is a big fan of Lim Chee Guan <i>bak kwa</i>, the chicken rice from that shop opposite Novena MRT, and hawker center prawn noodles, and is also old enough to remember Satay Club satay, back when Marina Square was the only shopping center southeast of City Hall. E. D. misses being able to take really cheap public transport from point A to point B. E. D. admires North America for its cultural propensity to always give people second chances, the sheer vastness and beauty of its natural scenery, and the fact that the American government works at all despite having senators and representatives from fifty states bickering all the time. E. D. is also on occasion a freelance science writer.

Huichieh Loy
A Singaporean graduate student in N. America.
- What your blog is about (give URL)
Looking at world and local events from a Singaporean perspective
Occasional musings by a Singaporean couple in N. America.
Collection of recipes Singaporean and international acquired, come
across, experimented upon.
Three things you like about America/Canada:
The weather (in the San Francisco Bay Area), the supermarkets, and
Three things you miss about S'pore:
Family, friends and food, among other things.

Nefarious Kitty
Mwahahaha. Came here after my 'O's, attended a private boarding school in Mass., went to a geek college, am working now. Musician, chemist, fencer, sorority girl, tech geek, jazz buff, foodie, cat lover.
What my blog is about:
An exercise in daily reflection. Haha. Really, anything and everything, but the blog is still young, so we'll see where it takes me.
Three things I like about America:
1. Driving - along the Big Sur Coast Highway, around Cape Cod, in snowy wilderness, through lush rolling hills of green in the countryside while cows look on
2. Vibrant arts/social scene; there are a million things to do
3. Buying a house (with a backyard) is not a two-generation project
Three things I miss about Singapore:
1. Good, cheap food. There are nights when I'd kill for a S$4 bowl of mee pok.
2. Foolproof public transportation system (though the MRT has changed so much, ironically I've gotten seriously lost before)
3. The feeling of security in a small community with all the familiar things I grew up with

    • Bec is a dreamer, girl, 26, not so newly wed who moved to GA, USA to start a new life with her husband. She works in an inclusive special needs child care as a lead teacher and loves most moments of her days.
Three things bec likes about America -
1. The people - Almost everyone I have met has been interesting (to say the least) and nice.
2. The food - explains the recent 20lbs weight gain
3. The clothes - at my current weight I don't have to buy XL clothing like I would bck home.
Three things bec misses about Singapore
1. The food - Even the Malaysian restaurant here does not serve good enough chicken rice.
2. Good efficient public transportation - cars are nice but when something happens to yours, getting around it's a chore.
3. Family and Friends - nothing compares to the people you grew up with.

A Grain of Sand
Going by agrainofsand at, I've been blogging for over
4 years now. It started off as a tool for me to keep in touch with the
people back home, but now it's really just an excuse for me to bitch,
whine and laugh about life.
I love it here in the US: the wide, open spaces, the four seasons, the
varied geography.
What I miss about Singapore? Why, that's really a no-brainer. Find me
one Singaporean who doesn't rave about the deliciously cheap hawker
food. And besides all the wonderful people I hung out with all the
time back home, I miss living on an island, and being out at sea.

    • Blog: Tales From Chambana
My life and stories, brought to you live from the charming cornfields of chambana, illinois

Three things I like about...

  • America: the space, the pace of life, autumn hues
  • Singapore: the food (yum yum 24 hour char kway teow, duck rice, curry, orh luah etc etc), the people (friends and family), the safety/security

Interests: I collect stationery, I like motorbiking and I'm an aviation buff...