Here is where we get to share our Social Media related presentations.

Think of this as a toolkit meant for educators or anyone interested in sharing the philosophies of social media in their organization. Feel free to download and remix any of the presentation slides below, but do respect the Creative Commons (CC) license stipulated by our fellow contributors in each instance:

1) State of User-Generated Content in Singapore
Presenter: Kevin Lim
Venue: Nexus 2007 @ "Crowdsourcing the Media"
Date: 24th March 2007
Download: Powerpoint slides (4.6mb)
CC: Attribution to Dan Li, Preetam and Kevin Lim

Add more below following the format above. I have tons more which I'll add over time...

2) Book Highlights: "The Cluetrain Manifesto"
Creator: Ivan Chew
Date: circa 2004.
Download: Powerpoint slide (approx 97kb) | [view at Slideshare]
CC: Attribution to Cluetrain Manifesto and Ivan Chew

3) Blogs & RSS Feeds
Presenter: Kenneth Pinto
Venue: NUS Central Library Seminar Room
Date: 28th August 2006
Available at: PowerPoint at Slideshare | MindMap