Quick Guide to recording via M-Audio MobilePre USB

Before a recording:

1) Ensure cables are Mic and USB cables are plugged in properly.
2) Turn on "Phantom Power" on the M-Audio MobilePre USB device to power the Nova Condenser Microphone.
3) Launch Audacity on the Mac
4) Check recording setup on the Mac by going to Audacity menu > Preferences > Audio I/O tab
5) Under Recording, ensure the following:
- Device: M-Audio MobilePre USB
- Channel: 1 (Mono)
6) Hit OK in the dialogue box to confirm

To perform a recording:

1) On Audacity's main window, hit the red Record button and speak into the Microphone on it's front side (M-Audio words facing you).
2) Hit the brown Stop button when done.
3) Hit the green Play button to hear recording.

To save & export recording:

1) While working in Audacity, save your work by going to File menu > Save Project.
2) When done, you can export your audio as WAV, MP3 or Ogg formats by looking under the File menu.