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Thu, Feb 16, 2006 -- Research Opportunity: Online Survey
As announced in class yesterday, all COM 101 students have an opportunity to earn up to 2 hours of research credit by participating in two part online survey.

The research opportunity is part of a study by Kevin Lim & Dr. Alex Halavais exploring media use and purchasing intention.

The research opportunity consists of completing an online survey in two parts. Completing each part is worth one hour of credit. The first part will be up at the link below until the end of the day on 2/21. After completing the first survey and following any relevant instructions, you will then need to come back to the same link and take the second follow up survey. the timetable and link for each part of the survey is as follows:

Survey Part 1
START 7pm @ Tuesday, 14 Feb 2006
END 12am @ Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006

Survey Part 2
START 1am @ Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006
END 12am @ Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Because both parts of the survey are important to the results of the study, anyone wishing to participane in the survey is kindly asked to complete both parts.

For both surveys, the survey URL is

PLEASE NOTE: Some people have reported issues with the survey freezing at some point when it's opened up in UB Learns. To help avoid that issue, it's advisable to open the survey link in a different browser window.

Each part of the survey will only be active until the date/time listed abovbe, so if you wish to participate, please be sure you complete each part of the survey before those dates.

The link above will take you to an introduction page where you will click on a link to a page which contains basic information about the research and serves as a consent form. Read the infomation on the page and click on the link if you consent to participate in the study. You should print a copy of this page for your records, and we will also accept a copy of this page (or a copy of the verification page at the end of the survey) as verification of your participation in the study.

When you go to the survey page, please be sure to read the directions carefully and follow the instructions to the best of your ability.

To get your credit for the survey, bring in either the consent page or the verification page for each part of the survey along with your research card (found on the back of the Readings in Communication text) to any course TA or to the instructor before or after class or during office hours. They will sign your card, collect the page you submit for verification and will sign your card to indicate you have received your research credit.

Note--Please do NOT hit the refresh button in your web browser while completing the survey. This may cause your information to be lost.

If you have any questions, contact researcher Kevin Lim at

If you are a minor wishing to participate in this study please see the minor consent form in the appropriately labeled folder in the course documents section. This form is necessary ONLY for those individuals wishing to participate who are under the age of 18.