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Wired Travel Guide: Second Life

Second Life Tips & Tricks
Compiled by NMC Campus for newbies to the SL world.

Second Life: A Collection of Interactive Teaching Tools
A listing of great scripts / tools to aid teaching in Second Life.

ICT Library on InfoIsland

Second Life Tutorial Video by CyberOne (Harvard Law course)
A tutorial video made for a Harvard Law course entitled Cyber One: Law in the Court of Public Opinion. Focuses on the creation and delivery of persuasive argument in the new integrated media space constituted by the Internet and other new technologies.

Second Life: The Educational Possibilities
Presented at various conferences, David M. Antonacci and Nellie Modaress show us the relevant approaches to using Second Life as a learning platform for students.

The Global Kids Guide to Presenting in Teen Second Life
Ever wonder what it takes to do some of the presentations and events held within Teen Second Life? We put together a pdf of some of the methods and techniques used by Global Kids within this virtual space. Includes discussion of the following various approaches: The Live Video Stream, The Live Radio Show, The Virtual Lecture, The Virtual Performance, The Interactive Experience and Physics-free Presentations.

RCCS: Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (Book Reviews)

Nicecast: For Mac users to stream audio into Second Life
To stream audio into your land on Second Life, you simply need to setup the land options and point a Shoutcast URL to it. If you want your own music from your Macintosh, either from iTunes or live, you might want to use Nicecast.

Visual Guides to Second Life
A lot of the visual guides I've seen (screencasts, pdfs) are aggregated
here - http://www.nmc.org/campus/Tips _and_Tricks

Torley Linden has done an excellent video tutorial on how to use the
camera controls - http://secondlife.com/newslett er/2006_11/html/tips.html

Increasingly people are uploading screencasts to YouTube. If you search
YouTube for videos tagged 'secondlife' you can find some useful stuff
(once again, I'm not too sure what you are after) -
http://www.youtube.com/results ?search_type=search_videos &search_query=secondlife &search_sort=&search_category =0&page=1

You can also do a keyword search for 'second life' -
http://www.youtube.com/results ?search_query=second+life &search=Search

Second Life videos are also starting to be aggregated here -
http://www.secondlifevideo.com /

There's this - Making things in the Virtual World: Second Life Primer -
http://www.makezine.com/blog /archive/2005/08/making_things _i.html

And in-world, if building is your thing, there are the self-paced
building tutorials in the sandbox area on Help Island and at New
Citizen's Plaza (and a few other places) and there's the Ivory Tower of
Prims. - Sean FitzGerald

Second Life in Higher Education

Research Ethics in Second Life

For tracking news releases about Second Life: Topix Linden Labs

For more, see my del.icio.us tag: secondlife