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Microsoft Asia-Pacific: In Singapore, 51 per cent of about 1,000 respondents believe in blog content as much as they do in traditional media, and 28 per cent found blogs the quickest way to learn what is happening in the world. The caveat — it was an online survey, among Internet users about blogs.

Of adults who use search engines:

  • 36% track down long-lost friends
  • 23% search for the name of a business associate or colleague prior to meeting them
  • 29% research family members
  • 20% look for old flames
Source: MSN/Harris Interactive Poll

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First, we SEARCH. We scour the Internet to dig up every possible piece of information about you and present it in an interactive monthly report. You can view this report by email or by logging into our site. This information is detailed in straightforward categories, including:
  • Social networks (MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, Bebo, and more);
  • Professional review websites;
  • Blogs;
  • Online news sources;
  • Photograph, video, and audio sharing sites (Flickr, YouTube, etc.); and,
  • Millions of additional sites on the "open Internet."
By signing up for a free Naymz account you start to take control of what information others find about you online. Start by creating a Naymz profile page, which you can personalize to include information about you and links to your content on the Web:
  • Social networks (MySpace, Friendster, FaceBook)
  • Blogs (Blogger, TypePad, Xanga)
  • Classmates and Reunion sites
  • Photo Albums (Flickr, Webshots)
  • Personal or Professional Bios
  • Other interests (, YouTube, Amazon Wish list)
After you create your account, Naymz handles the rest. We promote your page at the top of the major search engines. Now when people search for your name on Google, Yahoo! or MSN, your Naymz profile is the first thing they'll see.