The Blacklist Experiment

A blacklist (or black list) is a list or register of persons who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize them from a certain social circle. Conversely, a whitelist is a list or compilation or list identifying persons or organizations that are accepted, recognized, or privileged.

This is an open experiment at evaluating relationships with acquaintances, tracking favors and reciprocity.

Germaine Lim
I responded to journalist's urgent email Q&A on Twitter use.

"hi kevin, this is germaine from the new paper. i'm working on a twitter article and understand ur a regular tweeter. i need comments from local tweeters and would love to have ur opinion in the story. is it possible that i email u my qns since ur overseas and that u reply by 4pm today?"
Positive experience. Said thanks and even provided me a PDF of the news print upon request.
Nisha Patel
CBC News (television)
Contacted via twitter and email. Pre-interview via phone, followed by television interview on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Business News program about the ebook industry.

"Hi Kevin, My name is Nisha Patel and I'm a producer at CBC Television in Toronto, ON, Canada. I need to set up an interview today about the digitizing of book publishing, and today's developments about Simon and Schuster teaming up with Scribd. I was scanning your blog and I think you might be a good fit. Can you please email me or give me a call as soon as possible to see if we can set up this interview? Thanks Nisha"

Positive experience. Professional reporter who made calls to confirm information, instead of back and forth via emails.
Valerie Wang,
Straits Times, Life! & Lifestyle
Solicited for opinion on Singapore National Day songs.

"I'm Valerie Wang, a journalist with The Straits Times Life! and Lifestyle. We are doing a story this weekend on the video 'Things So Singaporean' which you commented on. Would you mind if I ask for your opinion on the song for the article? Please let me know as soon as today if possible, even if it's in the negative. Thank you!"
Negative Experience.
No feedback from reporter after providing quote as requested.
Hedriman Supian
TODAY journalist
Solicited for opinions on NDP'09 social media initiatives.

"I'm doing a story on the National Day Rally. For this year's coverage, MediaCorp will be integrating Twitter, Facebook and blogs on its web Telecast (like CNN and Facebook's tie-up for Obama's inauguration and MJ's memorial)."

Positive experience. Said thanks and even provided me a PDF of the news print upon request.